Consulting Services

Long-term and trusted relationships

It is CAPEWEST LOGISTICS SA’s aim to build long-term trusted relationships with clients through the mutual development of complete logistics plans and solutions tailored to their individual needs.

We support our clients in evaluating how their logistic challenges can be addressed with the aim of reducing costs, delays, and delivering improved performance.

As always, CAPEWEST LOGISTICS SA’s commitment is to take excellent care of customers with our ‘Customer First’ philosophy. Let us show you what we can do today.

Our approach is simple.
We listen to customers.

No one single approach will be right for every customer. With that in mind, our goal is to listen to your needs first, then analyse the situation and customize a solution to fit your business model. CAPEWEST LOGISTICS SA is designed to react quickly to changing business models and is well-placed to anticipate future needs.

Our added value

CAPEWEST LOGISTICS SA possesses key assets to meet and exceed your expectations:

  • A dedicated consulting team based in Europe and West Africa
  • Extensive knowledge of the engineering, construction, oil and gas and energy sectors in West Africa.
  • Solid and proven experience in managing cargo projects, providing sea and air freight forwarding solutions for major oil companies and offshore contractors.
  • Maintaining sound work ethics and assuring US FCPA and UK ABA compliance.
  • Directing staff in shipping and logistics operations, including recruitment, training and employee development, thus maximizing production and profitability.
Our Services

CAPEWEST LOGISTICS SA provides logistics consulting solutions for both domestic and international customers.

Project Cargo Management

CAPEWEST LOGISTICS SA is the specialist for project cargo and logistics movement. We have a network of supporting partners (3PLs, carriers, warehouses, heavy lift operators, brokers…) around the world who can enhance our services internationally. As a result, our team is able to plan, coordinate and control the timely delivery of your cargoes from numerous worldwide sources to your chosen destination.

Marine & Vessel Chartering

CAPEWEST LOGISTICS SA offers logistics solutions through the sale & chartering of vessels, agency works, and ship operations. We procure various ranges of marine equipment such as barge, tug, launches and other support vessels.


The way we handle logistics projects consists of 6 steps

Step 1

Preliminary Freight Services
  • Route Study and Transport Recommendations
  • Freight Ton/Volume Estimate
  • Consultation on all Transport Matters
  • Point of Origin Pricing Analysis
  • Risk Analysis – Insurance Requirements

Step 2

Preparation Services
  • Recommendations for Packing, Containerization, Marking & Labelling
  • Outlining Loss & Damage Prevention Procedures
  • Identifying Marshalling & Staging Areas
  • Warehouse Sites and Consolidation Points
  • Issuance of Shipping Instructions to Vendors Worldwide
  • Establishing Communication with Clients, Vendors & Contractors

Step 3

Pre-Shipping/Receiving Services
  • Off-shore Follow-up and Expediting
  • Order Call Forward/Expediting and Tracking
  • Arrangement of Inland Transport to Consolidation Point
  • Receipt at Warehouse/Consolidation Point
  • Inspection of Cargo (with Inspection Agency, if required)
  • Packing, Containerization, Crating, Labelling& Staging of Cargo
  • Review of Documentation and Marine Insurance Requirements

Step 4

Export Shipping Services
  • Freight Negotiation
  • Booking of Shipment with Carrier
  • Consolidation /Containerization if required
  • Port Handling and Arranging
  • Issuance and Verification of Documentation
  • Prepayment of Freight Charges
  • Notification of Cargo Status to Destination Contractors, Custom Broker & Client
  • Supervision of Cargo Loading & Loading Surveys

Step 5

Destination Services
  • Port Handling & Preparation for Arrival
  • Application for Road/Rail Permits
  • Customs Clearance Documentation
  • Site Delivery and Unloading
  • Verification of Arrival

Step 6

Additional Services
  • E-Mail & Management Information Systems
  • Complete Logistics Management
  • Placement of Personnel to Job-sites
  • Third Party Solutions