The nature of our activity requires all of us, including third-parties, to recognise the prime importance of respect for QHSE best practices, and awareness of all associated hazards.

CAPEWEST LOGISTICS SA considers that a healthy, safe, secure and environmentally sustainable workplace is of paramount importance for all of those involved either as employees, customers, suppliers or other third parties.

CAPEWEST LOGISTICS SA’ s objective is to ensure that integrity is maintained in all their dealings and that all equipment and materials in our custody are handled in a proper manner.

CAPEWEST LOGISTICS SA is committed to achieving an effective QHSE Management System by:

  • Information

    Providing customers, visitors and all employees with the necessary QHSE information, training and systems

  • Working Environment

    Providing and maintaining a safe, secure and healthy working environment

  • Measurable Goals

    Establishing measurable goals and objectives

  • Periodic Basis

    Measuring our results on a periodic basis

  • Identify all risks

    Carrying out thorough assessment of known procedures to identify all risks and mitigate them in order to achieve a zero incident record

  • Match your expectations

    Welcoming consideration of and recommendations on QHSE matters through discussions with our clients with the aim of matching or exceeding their expectations

  • QHSE Reporting

    Reporting QHSE issues to Senior Management

  • Planned Reviewing

    Reviewing our QHSE Management System on a regular and planned basis