In this changing and challenging era for shipping and logistics businesses, especially in emerging markets, the customer’s trust and confidence in our organization requires the commitment of each of us to uphold standards of excellence and ethical behaviour.


Performing and delivering our services in line with local and international laws governing commercial contracts is fundamental to our business operations.

For this reason, CAPEWEST LOGISTICS SA is committed to respect for:

  • Corporate Ethics
  • Anti-bribery and Corruption laws (US FCPA, UK ABA…)
  • Third-party contracts and legal frameworks in line with all relevant laws
  • Environmental laws and policies

Enshrined in our corporate culture at all levels of the company, management and employees alike, is a responsibility for full compliance and performance of all tasks with integrity.

CAPEWEST LOGISTICS SA has developed a Corporate Compliance Program to comply with its policy.

The objective of this Corporate Compliance Program is to prevent, detect, and correct any violations of laws, rules, regulations, and the Code of Ethics within the company. The Corporate Compliance Program also outlines the company’s self-audit process for risk management related to compliance with laws, rules, regulations and ethics.

CAPEWEST LOGISTICS SA is committed to reviewing its policies, procedures, staff practices, staff education and training annually. Any known or suspected violations shall be reported to the Corporate Compliance officer, who will initiate the appropriate response.