CAPEWEST LOGISTICS SA aims at delivering fast, precise, and efficient logistics services which are fully compliant and respect all local and international laws.


CAPEWEST LOGISTICS SA considers respect for its clients to be paramount and strives to deliver top class services which fulfil their expectations in an ethical way. We consider listening to customers to be a priority and, thus, we are able to offer customized and innovative solutions.

CAPEWEST LOGISTICS SA pays great attention to a consistent, high standard of communications and ethical practice. We are committed to proactive, fast, and full communication with our customers and other stakeholders.

CAPEWEST LOGISTICS SA seeks to establish and maintain trusted and long-term partnerships with customers.

CAPEWEST LOGISTICS SA, understanding that its staff is its most important asset, endeavours to always maintain a sane and inspiring working environment. Our goal is to bring together all the skills by joining expatriate management with local staff holding high expertise in their respective fields. We put a special focus on training and support in career management, in order to enable every employee to progress and gain responsibilities.